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Unlock your Golf Potential with a Titleist Performance Institute certified TPI Golf Assessment at Anchor Health and Performance Clinic in Mississauga.

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What is the TPI Golf Assessment?

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Assessment is a comprehensive functional movement screening that evaluates how your physical capabilities affect your golf swing. Developed by the world's leading educational organization dedicated to the study of the human body's role in the golf swing, the TPI Golf Assessment identifies physical limitations that may hinder your performance and increase your risk of injury.

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the details

What's included in the TPI Golf Assessment program?

The TPI Golf Assessment Process

  1. Introduction to the Body-Swing Connection™
    • Understanding the relationship between your body’s physical capabilities and your golf swing mechanics.
  2. The Kinematic Sequence
    • Analyzing how efficiently your body generates power during the golf swing.
  3. TPI’s Physical Screen
    • A 16-part physical assessment to identify limitations that may be affecting your swing.
  4. The Big 15 Swing Characteristics
    • Identifying common swing characteristics and their connection to physical limitations.
  5. Finding The Body-Swing Connection™
    • Evaluating whether your movement capabilities are inhibiting your swing mechanics.
  6. Programming, Drills, and Exercises
    • Personalized drills and exercises to address physical limitations and improve your game.
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the benefits

What will you gain from a TPI Golf Assessment?

Why Choose TPI Golf Assessment?

  • Expert Guidance: Dr. Brett Herlehy’s expertise in chiropractic care and sports performance ensures you receive top-notch evaluation and treatment.
  • Personalized Plans: Each assessment is tailored to your unique physical capabilities and golf swing mechanics.
  • Proven Results: TPI Certified Experts have advised 18 of the last 20 Major Championship winners and 25 of the Top 30 Players in the World Official Golf Rankings.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Our assessment includes fitness training, physical therapy, swing mechanics coaching, nutrition advice, and mental strategy.
Meet Dr. Brett Herlehy

Meet Dr. Brett Herlehy, TPI Certified Expert Level 1, Medical Professional

Dr. Brett Herlehy, a graduate of New York Chiropractic College and McMaster University, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clinic.

As a Medical Professional Level 1 certified TPI Golf Assessment expert,Dr. Brett has a strong interest working with golfers of all skill-levels, using his knowledge with both athletes and people of all ages and abilities. Using his Chiropractic training as a foundation, he treats and prevents sports-related injuries and focuses on improving athletic performance. An avid golfer, in his spare time you can find him on the links himself.

His passion for golf and dedication to helping athletes and individuals of all ages make him the perfect guide for your TPI Golf Assessment journey.

Dr Brett Herlehy Chiropractor at Anchor Health and Performance Clinic Mississauga

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