What to expect during your first visit at Anchor Health and Performance Clinic?

What to expect during your first visit at Anchor Health and Performance Clinic?

From the moment you enter Anchor Health and Performance, a warm welcome awaits you. Your first visit includes an in-depth discussion of your concerns and goals, followed by a comprehensive physical assessment to diagnose and understand your condition. We then develop a personalized treatment plan, which may involve various practitioners, always delivered one-on-one in a private setting.

The moment you walk through the door. you will be greeted by one of our clinicians with a warm welcome and a positive attitude.

If your practitioner is busy working with a patient, you can relax in our cozy reception area until they are ready for you.

All intake forms are emailed before your appointments to be filled out on your own ahead of time. This allows your practitioner to get a sense of what the assessment and treatment plan will need to include and ensures that your in person time is maximized.

During your first visit with us we will begin by discussing your complaints, goals and reviewing your past history.

Following a thorough discussion we will begin any reasonable physical examination including examination of the joints, muscles, nerves and movement patterns. This will allow us to create a diagnosis, which we will discuss with you so that they can understand what is happening in your body and further understand your treatment.

Depending on timing, the remainder of the assessment may include treatment (manual therapy and /or exercise prescription) and we will develop a plan for moving forward.

At Anchor, we have practitioners in different fields and your therapist may also suggest bringing in another practitioner to add to your plan of care. With all practitioners, treatment is always completed one on one with your practitioner in a private setting, there are no assistants.

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