Does Physiotherapy treatment Hurt?

Does Physiotherapy treatment Hurt?

Physiotherapy at Anchor Health and Performance is designed to be effective yet manageable, which may result in temporary soreness as your body begins the healing process. We always discuss potential side effects and obtain your consent before starting any treatment. If you experience severe pain during or after treatment, communicating this with your therapist is crucial as your comfort and health are our top priorities.

Physiotherapy is a widely recognized approach to treating a range of health issues, from sports injuries to chronic conditions. One common question we get at Anchor Health and Performance Clinic is, "Does physiotherapy hurt?" Similar to chiropractic treatment, the answer varies based on the individual's condition, the techniques used, and personal pain tolerance.

Physiotherapy Might Cause Temporary Discomfort and Post-Session Soreness

Physiotherapy treatments often involve manual therapy techniques, exercise prescription, and modalities such as acupuncture and dry needling. Some of these procedures may result in temporary soreness or discomfort. This is typically a sign that your body is responding to the treatment and beginning the healing process.

Your Existing Health Conditions May Contribute to Pain

Certain conditions or injuries might cause more sensitivity during the rehabilitation process. However, our experienced physiotherapists always aim to operate within your comfort level, ensuring that treatments are effective yet manageable.

Your Physiotherapist is on YOUR Side!

Before starting any treatment, we discuss potential side effects and only proceed with your consent. Our commitment at Anchor Health and Performance is to provide personalized, evidence-informed treatment plans that respect your comfort and consent.

Physiotherapy Treatment may be Uncomfortable, but it isn't supposed to Hurt

Experiencing some discomfort during physiotherapy can be part of the healing journey, but it should never be excruciating. If you do encounter severe pain during or after treatment, it's essential to communicate this with your therapist. At Anchor Health and Performance, your comfort, health, and wellness are our top priorities. We're not just your healthcare providers; we're your allies on your path to better health.

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