Address Internal Pain and Improve Your Well-being

Address Internal Pain and Improve Your Well-being

Internal pain, such as digestive issues or menstrual cramps, can disrupt your daily life and overall well-being. Common causes include blunt force trauma, overuse, and underlying medical conditions. Issues like ulcers, kidney stones, and hernias are typical sources of internal pain.


Anatomy of the

Internal anatomical areas that are most often injured:

  • Lungs: Often injured by trauma or conditions like pneumothorax, leading to difficulty breathing and reduced oxygenation.
  • Heart: Susceptible to injuries from blunt force trauma or conditions like myocardial infarction, impacting blood circulation and overall health.
  • Liver: Can be damaged by blunt trauma or diseases like hepatitis, affecting its ability to detoxify the blood and produce essential proteins.
  • Kidneys: Prone to injury from direct impact or conditions like kidney stones, impairing their ability to filter waste from the blood.
  • Intestines: Susceptible to perforation or obstruction from trauma or diseases, leading to severe abdominal pain and digestive issues.
  • Bladder: Can be injured by pelvic fractures or conditions like cystitis, causing urinary problems and pain.
  • Stomach: Susceptible to ulcers or perforations from trauma or infections, causing severe pain and digestive issues.

Common Causes of

Internal injuries can result from a variety of causes. Common causes include blunt force trauma, which can lead to organ damage or internal bleeding; overuse, leading to conditions like hernias; and underlying medical conditions, such as ulcers or kidney stones, which can cause significant pain and dysfunction.

Frequent triggers can be infections, leading to inflammation and damage, and degenerative conditions like cirrhosis.

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Effective Treatment Options for Internal Pain

Discover our comprehensive treatment modalities for Internal pain, including Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage, and Naturopathy. Our experienced practitioners are dedicated to providing personalized care to help alleviate your discomfort.

Chiropractic Care for Internal Pain

Our Chiropractor specializes in treating Internal pain using non-invasive techniques and gentle adjustments to restore proper alignment and alleviate discomfort.

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Physiotherapy for Internal Pain

Our skilled Physiotherapists offer a range of therapeutic exercises and techniques to treat Internal pain, strengthen surrounding muscles, improve mobility, and reduce pain.

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Massage Therapy for Internal Pain

Experience the soothing benefits of massage therapy from our RMT, targeting tense muscles and promoting relaxation to relieve Internal pain and tension.

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Naturopathic Solutions for Internal Pain

Our Naturopathic Doctor will work together with you on addressing the root causes of Internal pain, providing natural remedies and lifestyle recommendations for long-term relief.

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Customized Internal Health Plans from the Anchor Health and Performance Team

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How a Chiropractor helps with Internal Pain

Persistent pain related to nervous system malfunctions can be effectively treated with chiropractic therapy. It can provide sustained comfort and boost overall health by correcting foundational structural imbalances.

These adjustments can reduce nerve interference, improve blood flow, and promote healing. Additionally, chiropractors may recommend lifestyle changes and exercises to support overall health.

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How a Physiotherapist helps with Internal Pain

Physiotherapy can also help with internal pain, such as digestive issues or menstrual cramps, by improving overall body function. Physiotherapists use techniques like manual therapy and specific exercises to enhance nervous system function, which can positively impact internal organs.

These therapies aid in decreasing nerve blockages, enhancing circulation, and supporting the healing process.

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How a Massage Therapist helps with Internal Pain

Massage therapy can improve internal pain, such as digestive issues or menstrual cramps, by enhancing overall body function. Techniques like manual therapy and specific exercises can boost nervous system function, positively affecting internal organs and aiding in decreasing nerve blockages and enhancing circulation.

If you have persistent internal pain that doesn't respond to medication, massage therapy offers a natural approach, particularly beneficial for conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or chronic pelvic pain. Choosing massage therapy can help manage pain naturally and improve overall health.

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How a Naturopathic Doctor helps with Internal Pain

Naturopathic care is an excellent choice if you have persistent internal pain that doesn't respond to conventional treatments or if you prefer a natural approach. This method is particularly beneficial for those with conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or chronic pelvic pain.

A Naturopathic Doctor may also recommend lifestyle modifications and stress management techniques to support internal organ health. This approach aims to reduce pain and enhance overall well-being.

You don't need to deal with Internal pain alone.

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